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Most of what is important in life we do for ourselves, without the government. We form our own families and raise our own children. We choose what we want to do in life. We pray to our God as we choose; we form and join the religious and civic groups that care for our neighbors in need and shape the direction of our state. There are only a few things we need the government to do for us; but it should do those things well and faithfully.

Puertoricans deserve a state and national government with the vision to see the bright future ahead and the effective leadership to guide us there. We pledge to continue providing both the vision and the effective leadership Puertoricans deserve.


Our vision is a Republican Party aligned with the true Republican values adopted in its founding principles and in the founding principles of the Republic and Puerto Rico.

We Believe…

  •  true Republican values are based on enduring moral and ethical principles.

  •  true Republican values are based on an understanding that all rights come from the Creator and through His blessings, and therefore we accept the responsibility to protect and defend these rights with intensity and passion.


  • Endorse viable Republican candidates in each election -- primary, general and local --who align with and support the Republican Party Platform.

  • Use our activism to inform and to direct legislators to support and pass constitutionally-aligned, liberty-preserving legislation while using every available means to oppose the passage of bills that threaten to restrict inalienable human rights.

  • Charter statewide chapters to effectively influence government at the local and state levels.

  • Empower and inspire individuals to activism in the furtherance of the PRRA vision, mission, and values.

  • Sanctity of Human Life

  • Free Enterprise

  • Parental Rights

  • Constitutionally Defined State Powers

  • Inherent Right to Keep & Bear Arms

  • Traditional Family Values

  • Limited Government

  • Secure Borders

  • Protection of Children & Our Future


We Stand Strongly Against

  • Abortion and Euthanasia

  • Equity rebranded as Equality

  • Racism in any form

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